#IAMREPUBLICAN is a movement created by Landon & Robby Starbuck, hosts of Grow Up. Robby is a director and producer who has worked with some of the biggest stars on the planet. He’s the son of a Cuban immigrant who fled socialism and the far left. His wife, Landon is an accomplished musician who’s had her music in rotation at MTV, VH1, KROQ and more. Landon is passionate about combatting modern day slavery, donating all her music sales to help rescue and restoration initiatives in the fight against human trafficking. Over time Robby & Landon saw how many friends and acquaintances were either hiding the fact that they were Republican or had a grossly distorted view of WHO Republicans really are, WHAT we believe in and WHY we believe in it. Landon and Robby decided to produce a project that shows people who we all really are through the #IAMREPUBLICAN project. Robby put out an open notice on social media asking Republicans to send him videos explaining why they’re Republican, who they really are and what they believe in. For too long the Democrats and their obedient media have set the image of who Republicans are, it’s time to take that power away from them and define what it means to be Republican on our own terms.
You can join the movement too. You can engage in the forums here, help spread the truth and most of all you can make your own video telling us why you’re a Republican so you can be part of the next version of #IAMREPUBLICAN. We are no longer sitting passively and letting the Democratic Party and their fake news media define us; misrepresenting who we are and what we stand for. It is our responsibility to stand up and fight for our values that are under attack. That is what #IAMREPUBLICAN is all about. The Democratic Party depends on framing us with old tropes and stereotypes they drum up to incite fear, hatred and ultimately drive votes away from the Republican Party. Being the silent majority is not enough. Silence is not an option anymore. Silence is what the far left want from us. We must stand proudly for what we believe in. We are proud to be Republicans and grateful to be Americans.

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Videos from Republicans just like you and their many stories. A true representation of the Republican party. Submit your own videos to [email protected]

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Join our forums to connect with the community and upload your videos. You can also share the videos online with the hashtag #iamrepublican and tag us in the video. You can also submit your videos to [email protected]

You can also post and read REAL news in our forums and talk with like-minded Americans.

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